Drager Evita XL

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Product Description

The Evita XL offers mask ventilation with NIV plus, which in many cases reduces the need for intubation. Mask ventilation with NIV plus available in all modes with comprehensive monitoring and alarm adaptation. When intubation is necessary, the ventilator’s integrated CO2 monitoring helps caregivers ensure correct placement and metabolic stability.

  • Features

Integrated CO2 monitoring helps verify correct intubation and metabolic stability.

Open breathing system with AutoFlow or PCV+ allows spontaneous breathing in all ventilation modes.

Workflow support functions streamline clinical routines.

NeoFlow offers flow measurement at the Y-piece for fast response to patient triggering, leakage adaptation, and precise volume delivery for neonates.

Open breathing system with Mandatory Minute ventilation ensures that patients, from neonates to adults, will receive the set minute volume, regardless of the spontaneous breathing level.

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