Drager Narkomed GS

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Product Description

The Narkomed® GS has built-in monitor screen that provides volume, pressure, and oxygen data. All monitored parameters and alarm messages are shown on a bright, easy to read display. The Anesthesia Ventilator AV2+ is a volume preset, time cycled, and pressure limited anesthesia ventilator. It is equipped with electronic timing, pneumatic circuitry, and independent controls for frequency, inspiratory to expiratory ratio, inspiratory flow rate, tidal volume, and inspiratory pressure limit. The pneumatic system can simultaneously deliver up to four gases and one anesthetic agent. Oxygen and nitrous oxide are standard, while air, carbon dioxide, and oxygen-helium are optional gases. Gas is supplied to the system through pipelines and cylinders.

  • Features

High performance ventilation with versatility

Customized design for flexibility and ease of use

Electronic vertical flow controls and electronic fresh gas flow indicators

Scavenger system

Low-flow ventilation

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