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Medtronic COBE Century Heart Lung Machine
Jul 24, 2018

Medtronic is a leading player in medical technology, services, and solutions. It is a modular system that incorporates features important to the perfusionist; a sturdy and compact design and easy-to-use components at an affordable price. This modular design can meet the needs of any operating room today and tomorrow.

Performance is at the core of the Century Heart Lung Machine. It has a strong reputation for durability built upon precision design, craftsmanship, and manufacturing. It has a 100% stainless steel chassis and rollers built to last. The compact modular design of the Century Heart Lung Machine enables clinician selection of key components for all critical and functional areas to deliver maximum patient care: Arterial Pump, Cardioplegia Delivery System, Data Management and Base console and Rollers.

The Medtronic Century Heart-Lung Machine has a user-friendly system. Its solid construction makes the system easy to move and the rigid push bar doubles as a front mast for mounting blender. It provides flexibility and medical information management. The roller pump display on the Century Heart Lung Machine is simple and easy to read. The system’s computer will automatically calibrate for flow. As we enter the tubing size, it will perform the calculations even for dual – tube cardioplegia ratios or variable size tubing. The Century’s computer also has important built in safety features including the AEPS (Air Emboli Protection System), reservoir level sensor and pressure regulation, which protects against accidental occlusion.

Many hospitals and clinics rely on our refurbished and remanufactured machines because they understand the value and reliability we bring to the table. Our trained team of engineers refurbished machines according to OEM specification.

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