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Product Description

The GE Signa EXCITE 1.5T is considered to be the 1st end-to-end design of the MRI data pipeline. It includes clinical practicality to help increase productivity. With Excite technology, this system has a high data throughput capability to efficiently manage large data volumes and facilitates complex image reconstruction needs.

  • Features

The GE EXCITE 1.5T features GE’s Accelerator Data Management technology.

8-channel high density targeted coils.

GE exclusive imaging techniques.

Increase workflow with Excite Accelerator technology.

Reduce exam time.

Eliminate motion artifacts.

Accelerate temporal resolution of 3D-dynamic imaging without sacrificing spatial resolution.

Enhance diagnostic options for stroke evaluation, peripheral vascular imaging, breast imaging.

Acquire and process simultaneously.

Improve SNR, speed, and resolution of a broad base of MRI applications.

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