CSZ Hemothermal 400MR

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Product Description

The CSZ HEMOTHERM Model 400MR Cooler/Heater system is used to lower/raise the blood temperature and/or maintain blood temperature, as required, through conductive heat transfer. The conductive heat transfer is accomplished through any type of Blood Oxygenator/Heat Exchanger unit, along with the use of a blanket under the patient for the re-warming phase, if desired.

  • Features

Efficient Heating/Cooling: Dual reservoirs increase the efficiency.

Independent cooling and heating reservoirs permit instant changeover from one bath to the other.

Each reservoir has its own control mechanism and temperature display.

Ice is not required with this system, eliminating mess and providing simple setup.

For additional convenience, an optional remote control is available to change and monitor settings of the Hemotherm from a remote location.

Microprocessor control provides easier, more accurate operation.

Eliminates need for calibration.

Ease of Use.

Dual Purpose: The Hemotherm may also be used with a hyper/hypothermia blanket to provide additional patient cooling/re-warming therapy.

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