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Allied Omnivent MRI compatible

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  • The OmniVent Series D Ventilator is MRI-compatible and unaffected by electronic interference

  • The OmniVent Ventilator is designed with internal simplicity to provide reliable performance and ensure easy usage. Quick-connect features giving versatility to meet all clinical needs.

  • Controlled ventilation

  • Continuous flow intermittent mandatory ventilation

  • Constant positive airway pressure

  • High frequency and jet ventilation

General Information About Ventilators

Mechanical Ventilation

  • Use of a machine to induce alternating inflation and deflation of the lungs with air

  • Regulates Oxygen/CO2 levels in blood

  • Volume and Pressure of Air forced into Lungs is controlled

  • Has to meet varying demands of patient ventilation

Modes of Ventilation

  • Volume control
  • Pressure control
  • Support Ventilation
  • Combination Of Modes
  • Intermittent mandatory Ventilation

Components of Ventilator System

  • Compressed Gas Source
  • Patient Breathing Circuit
  • Mixer/Blender
  • Hoses
  • Optional monitoring
  • O2
  • Volume


  • Driving Mechanism
  • Pneumatic (Mark 7)
  • Electronic (Siemens 900C)Function
  • Respirators: Short time ventilator support
  • Conventional Ventilators :long term, advance Support Portability
  • Transport/battery backup Patients Adult Pediatric Or Neonatal

Technologies and Jargon

  • Turbine technology
  • High frequency Oscillatory ventilation
  • Modes IMV, SIMV, PC, VC, S/T etc.
  • MRI Compatible (Non ferromagnetic components)
  • Flow Sensors- Volume Measurements
  • Pressure transducers

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